Semax 5mg Spray

The Semax spray comes in the form of nasal spray. And it is used to improve cognitive functions and treat various brain conditions. Certain studies showed its effectiveness to improve cognitive functions and help in case of various brain conditions. By its structure, Semax is a fragment of endogenous neuropeptide ACTH. The drug was shown to increase BDNF which is responsible for the growth and differentiation of new neurons and synapses. Semax Uses: Increase of attention and memory during repetitive and monotonous tasks; Improvement of adaptive capacity of the human body in extreme conditions; Cognitive impairments caused by cerebrovascular disorders, traumatic brain injuries, and neurosurgery; ADHD. Prevention and treatment of circulatory disorders and cognitive impairment including after ischemic stroke; Transient ischemic attacks; Acute period of traumatic brain injury.